So, as long as I’ve started the Nendo Petit topic, let me show you some more of this kawaii pieces of PVC. All photos here are rather old, I just couldn’t find time to prepare them for posting. Ja, hagimemasho ka? 😛
This one is, of course, my favorite: Mikuru frog. It was a secret figure in a #2 Haruhi Petit set.
BTW, I just noticed that there are no decent photos of my favorite Haruhi gal, Yuki. Sorry, all Yuki fans out there, I’ll straighten up and fly right 😛
One more froggy Mikuru –
Now, enter Haruhi.
This photo and the next one was taken near Moskva river.
Alongside vacation ver. of Haruhi is Mikuru Extravaganza from the #3 set.
And one more concert Mikuru. Oh, where did this May go? Now its November, it is cold and snow is falling just to melt down on the ground >_<
Kyon’s little sister is trying to cheer me up!
And she succeeds! Close up with a cat.
Now I’m genki and ready to take orders from Capitan Haruhi.
But that’s not all. Enter third version of Mikuru for this post – lovely maido
Let’s get closer…
And now, back to where we started from! Haruhi:
And two more frog Mikurus, oh, I just love this costume!
And the last one–
Phew!~ That’s all for now 😛


Magic Box

Here you can see, well… the Red Box. Usually it quarters under my bed.
Interested what’s inside?
Let us take a peek 😛
Yesss! It is my own and personal Box of Nendo Petit! I have 2 full sets of them #2 and #3 from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Half of them is on display, but I really can’t display them all at once. Let’s take a proper look inside!
And one more!
Here they reside, my little cuties 😛

Just one photo of my Rangiku-chan. She is my only BLEACH figure. I bought her because my favorite store, HLJ, offered a free EMS shipping. I don’t regret a bit, cause she is really awesome. Simple and feminine pose, nice sculpt, decent colouring.
I even preordered Megahouse GEM 1/8 Hitsugaya Toushiro only to pair him with Rangiku (I’m not really a fan of Toushiro).

I have something to boast about! Here is my full collection of Haruhi-related figma. I have all of them, even the Tomadoi ver. came with a PS game (never had a PS^^)
I even bought extra Tsuruya and Kyon, so I could display their bodies with heads of Emiri Kimidory (came with Tsuruya figma) and Taniguchi (came with Ryoko).
There are 4 Haruhies, 3 Mikurus, 2 Yukis and 2 Tsuruyas. Plus 5 single figures = 16 figma Haruhoids!
The only more thing I can do to make my collection EXTRA full is buying another Maid Tsuruya and one more Mikuru to make Maid Mikuru figure. But frankly Tsuruya maid is not my favorite figma because her skirt is too stiff and she can’t even sit… So I think I’ll refrain^^
Unfortunatly, my camera is not quite suited for making this group photos >_<.
By the way, I used 6 di: stage figma bases to make this photos – 3 black and 3 clear. It took about 2 hours to arrange the whole scene.
Unwittingly I turned into a geek collector. My God! ^__^*

Just a quick update^^
This photo wasn’t supposed to be worth posting. The internal flash of my camera usually screws up the picture. I just forgot to turn it off that time.
But thing is that the entire photo shoot of my Banpresto Ace figure (One Piece) is screwed without flash. So I post just this photo, made by mistake 0_o
By the way I totally LOVE this figure. It is only 18 cm tall, but super detailed and beautifully painted.
I’ve got Luffy from the Grand Line Men series too. I’m planning to collect the GLM releases. In December they will release Shanks and Luffy, and in February – Luffy and Mihawk. Of course 3 Luffy figures are different.

The painted bottle

I failed to remember my chief’s birthday. She was on vacation and I was supposed to send her a text message.
I like my chief, she is a kind woman and a best superior I’ve ever had. So I felt really ashamed of myself >__<.
First of all, I wrote a piece of poetry where I apologized and congratulated her, at last. Next, I made this bottle for her.
Well, not the bottle itself (it used to be an Armenian brandy bottle), but painting and decorating.
I made these photos right before giving the bottle away.
The figure in front is Yuki Nagato from Alter.
Chief seemed happy^__^.

figma bike

Can’t get used to updating my blog on a regular basis. Guess I’ll never be a popular, always-up-to-date blogger making an extensive photo review of his latest purchases on the day they arrive. I can tell you that for the last month I’ve got 4 figmas, 1 Fraulein Revoltech and a 1/8 PVC figure. But it doesn’t mean anything without some proofpics, desho?
Okay, laid back attitude has its benefits too. Maybe I should go perm my hair, paint them silver, buy a wooden sword and turn my live into endless Gintoki Sakata cosplay^^.
Anyway (I wanted to say “tonikaku” which is “anyway” in Japanese! Christ I’m thinking in Japanese 0_o! Too much anime!), here is some of my latest purchases. Figma Mikuru Asahina Combat Waitress ver. is riding a figma bike on my kitchen table. I found this bike on ebay. It is in fact a not-for-sale item which was made to give it away on some cons (if I’ve got it right) celebrating figma’s 1 year anniversary. But I wanted it so baaaadly for many months. It turned out to be quite pricey but I really don’t mind. It’s mine now!^___^
Pic is little grainy, sorry*_*